Everyone wants to know how much something will cost. It’s an expensive world but we try to charge a fair price for all of our customers. We want you to come back after all and no one wants to leave feeling like they paid to much. Below are some of our services and their prices.


Flat rate                                          $70

Cylinder boring                           $40

Crankshaft rebuild                     $50

ATV tire change                             $7.50  each

Motorcycle – dirt                          $15 (carry in)

Street tire ,tubeless                     $10 (carry in.balancing included)

Street tire,tube type                   $15 (carry in.balancing included)

Basic motorcycle services depend on the type of bike and  how much the customer wants to do. Prices range from $50 – $200

Again,ATV services depend on the type of ATV you have and the amount of work done. Prices are $50 – $100

Prices are LABOR only and DO NOT include parts.

Call or email for more information.