My name is Tyler,57,and I live here in Harrodsburg,Ky. My dad got me my first motorcycle,a 1976 Honda XL70,for Christmas in 1975. After riding that I got a new 1978 RM100 Suzuki which I rode several years. As a kid I did not have a lot of money so I usually worked on my own bike if I could. A TT500 Yamaha came along and it was ridden until I got my drivers license. Wasn’t long before I was riding again. I ended up with the TT again and later a 1987 YZ250 Yamaha. That was traded for a newer YZ250 and later I started riding a CR500 Honda. I’ve owned many other bikes during those years,some small and some large. My current bike is another CR500 along with a project CB750,Can Am MX125,and a Yamaha Vino 50. I worked at a Yamaha,Suzuki,& Kawasaki dealer for 18 years before starting TNR. We moved to a new location,216 N. Chiles St in Harrodsburg,Ky. We have a much better working location with more room and a showroom.

My wife is Regina. She attended the National College of Business and graduated with honors. She later worked at Ky Department of Revenue for 14 years. She now uses her business savvy to keep TNR going.