The QA50 is all done! Going on ebay soon.



The bike is running at this point !


I think the red stripe will go nicely with the paint job.

Primed and wet sanded with 1000,ready for paint.


Fuel tank after the shiny red paint job.

The induction system is completed.



The little 50 finally has some wheels!



Yes,I went back and put the spring on the cable.


Not many of these old bikes still have the OEM exhaust on them.


Finally getting around to the QA50.


The wheel/tires are ready to be bolted back on.


After bead blasting the head I masked it off and painted it with PJ1 engine paint.



Here is a little Honda QA50 restoration we are currently working on,1974 flavor. While we didn’t take any before pictures,we have another that was in equal condition we will post pics of soon.


The frame and forks were bead blasted and repainted. The internals of the forks were cleaned and inspected before getting new fork boots put on. Reproduction grips and cable installed on the OEM handlebars.


We disassembled the motor and cleaned up the cases and bead blasted them for new Honda Cloud Silver paint. Above picture is before the bead blasting,below is after.



This motor is still on the first cylinder bore and has very little wear. We will hone the cylinder and put new rings in it. The refinished cylinder is below.

WP_20160216_20_58_10_Pro[1] WP_20160216_20_58_18_Pro[1]

This is a before and after sprocket refinishing. Both looked like the one on the left at the beginning. Amazing what some a little spit shine can do.


We will post more of project QA50 as work continues over the next few weeks.


Fresh coat of automotive grade Cloud Silver.