Check out this sweet Moto Guzzi Robin moped! I just need to put the top-end back on it. original paint!

Traded my 3 older CT90’s for this 1976 CR250M Elsinore. It even runs,SWEET! I took the seat off of my other one since this one is in better condition.
Our customer wanted the cheap plastic chrome pieces gone and something painted in between the pin strips.
Masked off and one layer shot
Still needs buffing

The finished stripe
1975 Honda MR50

This Honda NCW50 Metropolitan Had an unusual engine noise. Lets take it apart and see what we find…

Motor all out

There it is! The left side crank bearing is toast.

The Honda sounded much better after it was reassembled.

1974 CR125 engine cases repaired.

Just cleaning some Yamaha V Max carburetors…

I picked this little beauty up at Mid Ohio this year. 1976 CB125S. I cleaned the chrome up some but other than that it’s all original

This bike was recently in our shop. The customer just got the bike and brought it to TNR for a once over. I may have saved a life here! NEVER put tire shine on a motorcycle tire,EVER. Look how far that slick stuff is into the tread ! Egad!
There is a saying that goes like this, “Successful people will do things unsuccessful people won’t do”. So 2 days ago at the shop I did not even get to eat any lunch. When I got home I put 5 pieces of chicken in the over and sat down to eat that while talking to a guy on Market Place about an early 70’s Honda Mini Trail. To make a long story short,he told me if I picked it up that night I could have it for 1/2 his asking price. And,his asking price was CHEAP to start with. But,he needed cash that night. I tried to talk myself out of going since it was already 7pm but I remember that saying that I mentioned above. I knew that bike would be gone the next day so I set out for the drive to Hazard Ky,2 1/2 hours away at 7pm. I drove like a bat outta you-know-where there and back,got pulled over (no ticket!) and made it back home by 12:30 with this little beauty. It is pretty much a complete bike and a time capsule of the heyday of dirt biking in the early 70’s. This bike is a 1971 model Honda Mini Trail and they are highly collectable. How much did I get it for? $200 and an old $25 shotgun. This little jewel is worth 3X that as it is but it will be restored in time. Right now it can be seen in our showroom at TNR. I only got to eat 3 piece’s of my chicken,too.

Check out this 1969 Suzuki TC120 Cat. It needs a few things and the motor is stuck. For right now it can be a conversation piece.

I picked up these awesome bikes at Mid Ohio Vintage Bike Days. 1975 Hodaka Dirt Squirt 100 and a 1976 Yamaha YZ80. I’m excited to get these babies fixed up!

Do you see whats wrong with this TRX350D cylinder head?

This KVF650 may just have a rodent problem.

This KX450F motor has experienced severe catastrophic failure.

Custom GSX-R1000

600 Grizzly cylinder boring.


The cleanest brakes award goes to this 1991 (!) Honda TRX300. Wow!


This cylinder is freshly bored and honed and ready for service.


How does it get to this point?


The owner said it was really noisy before it died. I bet it was.


Here is the finished VTX1800 fitted with the RC Components wheels and high rise handlebars.


This has been sitting a long time!


This Yamaha 350 warrior was smoking BAD. The problem was this broken off intake valve guide.


This Yamaha was rolled over in a mud hole. There was mud everywhere,but check out these hard to reach places. Mud behind the oil filter even.

WP_20160530_006[1] WP_20160530_004[1] WP_20160530_003[1] WP_20160530_002[1]


This is the stock rear wheel before removal.


Here is how they look out of the box. We have to change over the drive flange and install the disc adapter that is purchased. Then the brake disc can be mounted.

WP_20160510_12_47_21_Pro[1]      WP_20160510_12_48_10_Pro[1]

The final drive flange is mounted. With thread lock on the bolts,they are torqued to the correct amount.


Here is the rear wheel with the tire mounted.

WP_20160510_14_25_36_Pro[1]        WP_20160510_14_25_44_Pro[1]

Here is the completed rear wheel back on the bike.


The front wheel/tire is mounted here w/o the fender.


The finished front wheel. We fabricated the chrome fender extensions since the fender would no longer clear the tire.

The finished bike.

WP_20160511_15_07_00_Pro[1]     WP_20160511_15_05_52_Pro[1]

WP_20160511_15_04_51_Pro[1]     WP_20160511_15_05_48_Pro[1]



This is the odd looking DelOrto carburetor. We got it running.



We had the privilege of working on this neat 1965 Vespa scooter sold by Sears. Just needed a carb cleaning to get it running.


This happy customer got a new rear knob to throw some roost with.

This 125cc ATV is getting a new crate motor!

WP_20151211_18_24_19_Pro[1]WP_20151211_18_24_25_Pro[1]      WP_20151211_18_24_32_Pro[1]WP_20151212_18_02_51_Pro[1]

This set of carburetors are in dire need of some attention! They obviously have been sitting

for a long time. These will get a new float needles and gaskets and a very good cleaning.

These are off of a Kawasaki KVF650 Prairie.



After cleaning.




18″ front wheel conversion done on this XT225. Looks really cool to!


This customer was unaware of his bad rear tire until we found it for him.


He said it “knocked a few times and then died”. I bet it did!


This is the cylinder.



CR500 003

CR500 frame repainted


The one way mouse


People will try anything


Front drive unit carnage



YZ125 pick up

Its not as heavy as you would think

Track practice 4-19-2014 011

Me on my CR500


Finished TNT front end


How the TNT started out


Customer said motor was just rebuild but was locking up……


The customer also said it would not go past 3rd gear.